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I made Lisa (@esiwasil) a pair of Jordan Jesse Go! earrings for her birthday/Christmas and gave them to her last night. (In case you do not know what Jordan Jesse Go! is, it’s a podcast by jessethorn and jordanmorris, two kind, funny guys whom you may follow on Tumblr by clicking those links I just provided. It’s vulgar and friendly, and there are three hundred episodes of it. Got me through some tough times a few years back. FULL CHORT is just the best phrase in existence. Obviously.)¬†They turned out really nice—a little nicer than the photos did—and I bet they will make Lisa the bell of the ball at the next MaxFunCon.

No I will not start an Esty. I don’t want to start an Etsy. You start an Etsy.

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    Lisa is amazing. Any pic of her is a winner. Shannon is wonderful. I consider this an application to the MaxFunCon...
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    SO COOL YOU SHOULD START AN ETS- wait, crap never mind.
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    Shannon continues to crush all your faces with her podcast crafting abilities. Immortal power, plug it in.
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    That’s awesome. AWESOME.
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