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O. Henry’s Other Noms De Plume

(Well, I was gonna try to do something useful this morning, but nope, I just transcribed all of O. Henry’s pennames listed by Marc and Hal in this episode of The Dead Authors Podcast. I’m allowed to listen twice in two days for Christmas reasons. CHRISTMAS. REASONS.)

  1. Dixie Pickle

  2. Crab Pickford

  3. Stagey Black

  4. Duane Ducard

  5. Chuck O’Bandit

  6. Number Six

  7. Gander Mountain

  8. [H.G. skipped 8]

  9. Las Vegas Nevada

  10. Sticky Pickle

  11. W.O. Grant

  12. Heart Staftner Marx

  13. Duane Graver

  14. Peter Haefner

  15. Wooly Gilferd

  16. Number Sixteen

  17. Warden Jacobs

  18. Major Floyd Sanford Chadwick, US Army Retired

  19. Charles Nelson Reilly

  20. Barnum Bailey

  21. Gooey Duck

  22. Shabu Shabu

  23. Branford Wicklewise

  24. Tooley McGiven

  25. Samuel J. Clemhen

  26. Flenderson Jabehousen

  27. Fooks

  28. Phlimbngh J. Phlim

  29. Neil Flintoff McCoffski, CPA

  30. Gary Busey

  31. Trickleford J. Jfzgnzo[and some Wingdings]

  32. The Pen

  33. Typewriter McGoverns, crack reporter for the Daily Bugle of Des Moines

  34. News Weekly

  35. Byron Allen

  36. Chuck Woolervry

  37. A. Henry

  38. Inkwell McQuack

  39. B. Henry

  40. James Joyce Kershner

  41. Four Henry

  42. General B. Anderson

  43. Henry O

  44. Brickensty Vorkensten

  45. William Jefferson Clinton

  46. Jimmy Jack

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