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The First Episode of Fantastical Musicorium is HERE!


The first episode of my new podcast, Fantastical Musicorium, has arrived!  This bi-weekly podcast has been a long time in the making. Each episode will contain all original music, some new, some pulled from the archives, plus many surprises!  And it’s FREE!

Available at ITUNES and LIBSYN.

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To no one’s surprise, this podcast is really great. Eban solves the problem of spicing up a one host show by talking to himself. No, really. He digitally splits his monologue into a self-depricating dialogue and it’s so silly and fun. And the songs! Oh the songs! Bright and brilliant, totally amazing.

I think this podcast will succeed where others have failed. That’s right—I think I will care about a music podcast for more than eight episodes. Because it’s not really about making music (though it is a little) or being a professional maker of music (though it is a little more) so much as it’s about the music. And even as a person generally mystified by music until I have an emotional attachment to it, I am already predisposed to have one because Eban is in the background of, like, every good comedy thing that I love already.

Also, I know it has been said before, and I know it was referenced in Eban’s appearance on The Thrilling Adventure Hour’s behind the scenes series, but there is still a part of me that is GENUINELY DISCONCERTED that Eban doesn’t communicate solely theough piano riffs. Like, I realize that he’s a real human and everything, but Piano Eban is such a real character to me after dozens of obsessive listens to The Pod F. Tompkast that I cannot quite emotionally separate them.

Oh, and three more words: More spaghetti western!

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